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What Do Granite Countertop Levels Mean?

A common misconception about granite countertop levels is that they designate levels of quality. That’s not the case. All natural granite slabs, no matter what level they are, have the same inherent quality. What granite countertop levels indicate is how readily available and abundant a type of granite is. The higher levels of granite include stone colors that are rare and exotic with more irregular patterns, called “movement” while lower levels of stone are often uniform and consistent. Even though granite slabs may be classified as the same color, there might be a variance in tint, and certain colors are more prevalent in one slab over the other, even though, technically, they are of the same color. Some fabricators classify granite colors under different granite countertops levels, depending on where they purchase their slabs. Not all colors are available in all parts of the world, so what is easily accessible for one fabricator may be the opposite for another.