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Limestone Countertops- Adding Warmth to Your Spaces

Why Limestone?

Limestone countertops are increasingly becoming popular especially among budget conscious homeowners. Limestone shares a remarkable resemblance with marble, which is a more expensive stone. Adding warmth to your kitchens and bathrooms, the casual and comfortable appeal of these countertops are admired by homeowners seeking for the temperate charm of its soft tans and beiges.

Limestone ads ambient value as this stone is considered as sophisticated building material having a deluxe appearance. It is a durable stone and many professional chefs also prefer it due to its sandy and white color that goes well with stainless steel fixtures in the kitchen. Simple precautions and regular maintenance keep the limestone countertops in their brand new condition for ages.

What Is Limestone?

Limestone is a sturdy sedimentary rock, mainly made up of calcium carbonate or dolomite. It is a natural stone that is made with time from the fossils and shells of aquatic life deep under the sea. The further shaping of the stone is done by sand and living marine creatures.

How Much Do Limestone Countertops Cost?

The average price of limestone countertops ranges from $45 to $100 per square foot. Limestone, sharing the look and feel of marble, is a cheaper option than other natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite.

Limestone Vs Granite Countertops

  • Both granite and limestone are natural stones; however, many homeowners consider limestone as an exotic option due to its antique look and neutral color patterns. In addition, for those seeking a warmer honed finish, limestone is a perfect choice. Granite has limited variety in terms of colors and patterns.
  • Unlike granite, limestone countertops give a marble like finish and glow, implying that limestone mimics a marble appearance at a price much lower than expensive marble.
  • Though granite is the hardest natural stone, limestone also offers high durability and resistance to heat.
  • As compared to granite, limestone may need more maintenance since it’s pliable. Limestone is prone to discoloration, etching, scratching and staining if not taken care properly.
  • Both granite and limestone are available at the average cost of $45 to $100 per square foot; however, additional advantages of limestone in terms of look, feel, color hues, flexibility and unique origin, make it a better investment over granite for homeowners seeking originality.
  • In terms of maintenance, granite takes an edge over limestone; however, with careful handling and following precautions, limestone countertops seem to require little maintenance over time.

Though granite has long been a more popular choice, homeowners with limestone kitchen countertops installed are quite happy with its color, adaptability, stableness and especially its marble-like charm at much lower prices.

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