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Modern & Sleek Onyx Countertops

Why Onyx?

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen countertops or replace bathroom slabs, you would probably have considered granite, marble, and other stone surfaces. It is understandable as these are the most common materials used for making durable and gorgeous countertops.

However, the market trends keep changing and one of the trendiest options rising in kitchen countertops market is onyx countertops. Many homeowners are considering onyx as a great alternative to other stones, for adding a special touch to the overall appearance of their kitchen and enhance the ambiance. If something rare, unique and beautiful is your priority, you might want to try something new and unique, like Onyx!

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a kind of oxide material having a higher percentage of silica ingredients. It is mainly composed of calcite. Onyx is made up of bands of chalcedony in alternating colors. It is cryptocrystalline, composed of fine intergrowths of the silica minerals quartz and moganite.

The stone “onyx” itself is popular for its silky, beautiful luster that gives vitreous look if the stone is treated and polished. Onyx is a stone with a heavy earth element. Onyx is naturally found in black, which is the most popular, but it is also available in many unique colors.

Tip: Be careful while buying black colored onyx. Most of the time, black onyx sold at cheap prices is not genuine; it is simply lower quality onyx painted black.

What Makes Onyx Countertops unique?

Onyx Countertops are a rarity since they offer unique appearance along with a strikingly dramatic aesthetic appeal. Onyx isn’t put in a horizontal orientation like other countertops, onyx countertops are a premium and unique surface. Due to its exclusive style, onyx is usually seen in swirling and pastel color patterns.

Is Onyx Marble?

The so-called onyx marbles are composed of concentric zones of aragonite or calcite deposited by cold-water solutions in crevices and caves and around springs exists. They are neither onyx nor marble. Real onyx has a banded chalcedony composed mainly of silicon dioxide.

Onyx Countertops – A Great Substitute to Marble, Granite and other Popular surfaces

Providing a sleek, contemporary look with enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear, Onyx serves as a great substitute to popular stones like granite and marble. Onyx is produced in caves once stalagmites and stalactites drip to produce this precious stone.

Countertops are rare since they provide homeowners unique and strikingly dramatic looking countertops with swirling and pastel color patterns. Granite Depot offers a number of color choices of this extraordinary stone.

The Cost of Onyx Countertops

Since onyx is a rare stone, the countertops made from this precious material are more expensive than other stone-made countertops like granite, marble or quartz. The average cost of onyx countertops lies in between $75 at a low end and $250 at a high end, per square foot, including installation and fabrication cost. On the other hand, granite countertops are available in the average price range of $30 to $100 per square foot. However, the high cost of onyx countertops is justified solely based on its preciousness and exceptional appearance.

Why Are Onyx Countertops Suitable for Kitchens & Bathrooms?

    • Ultimate Uniqueness

Onyx is mainly composed of calcite. Onyx is translucent and can be lit from behind to exhibit its beauty. It is a highly variable stone with heavy veining, thus, no two onyx pieces are exactly alike ever. Even one slab may have dozens of colors. Onyx slabs used to make countertops, are smaller than those of granite since onyx is more fragile and extracted in smaller blocks.

    • Maintenance is almost the same as that of Granite

Many homeowners tend to choose material based on its cleaning and maintenance cost and therefore, they usually end up with granite. However, onyx has almost the same maintenance requirements like granite or other stone countertops. Regular wiping and cleaning with a stone cleaner are sufficient to help retaining its look, while yearly sealing is required due to its porous nature being a natural stone like granite.

    • Exceptional Look

Though granite and other stones offer various color patterns and textures, onyx offers richer choices in terms of look. Onyx is available in colors ranging from pink to golden yellow, red, blue, green and black. It also offers a huge range of patterns including color streaks. The fragile and exotic look of onyx countertops can greatly complement any contemporary design, especially when back-lit.

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