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Why Slate?

When it comes to countertops, one of the natural stones that are rising in popularity is slate, a durable and consumer-friendly stone naturally available in a range of shades from green to red to gray and mottled purple. Slate countertops present homeowners with unlimited choices for their kitchen and bathroom vanities. It is a stone with unusual qualities like low cost and little maintenance requirements. Slate is versatile and equally suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Having simple, yet modern and elegant aesthetics, and being anti-bacterial due to its non-porous nature, a slate is a consumer-friendly stone available in a range of colors and textures. For homeowners who are after stylish, affordable and easy-to-maintain natural stone countertops, and are tired of the traditional granite or marble look, a slate is a great option to consider.

What is Slate?

Slate is a homogenous and foliated metamorphic rock, created during a transformation process of shale and mudstone under relatively low temperatures and pressures. Slate is considered as the finest grained metamorphic rock.

Slate is mainly composed of mica and quartz materials, including illite, biotite, and muscovite. It often contains hematite, chlorite, and pyrite.

Slate kitchen countertops Give Your Kitchens Simplicity with Grace

Due to its metamorphic history, a slate is very durable, non-porous enough to resist heat and staining, easy to clean, and stylish. The subtle coloration shifting in slate is less bold than other natural stones, but this feature helps fabricate countertops with an outstanding uniform appearance. Gorgeous shades of charcoal, gray, black, brown, pewter with highlights of blue, red or green are naturally found. Though slate slabs are slightly different, you will find each countertop unique.

The durability and hardness of slate countertop surfaces is a great choice for kitchens. These countertops resist scratching, chipping and high volume of heat. Even hot pans and pots don’t mar the surface easily. Being non-porous, unlike other natural stones, a slate is very easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria, leading to hygienic countertops all the time.

Slate Countertops Transform Your Bathrooms

The qualities of slate make it a great choice for bathroom vanities. Since slate has a very low porosity, it doesn’t absorb water. Slate countertops are extremely durable and resistant to staining caused by water or moisture. Whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish for your bathroom countertops, with slate having an array of subtle hues, all is possible. Slate offers unique aesthetics to your bathrooms by giving off a smart and stylish look creating a lasting impact, especially in bathroom vanities with white ambiance. Grey slate is another popular choice for bathrooms since it bears considerable resemblance to soapstone.

Being easy to clean, prohibiting moisture and bacteria from accumulating on the surface, slate countertops uplift your bathrooms to a new level with simplicity and elegance.

Taking Care of Slate Countertops

Scratches on the surfaces can be removed with a sponge, or deeper scratches use fine steel wool. Since corners of the countertops are a bit brittle and sharp, it is recommended to make then rounded off to avoid injuries.

Saving Energy Cost

You will be surprised to know that Slate's heat resistance and durability insulate your home, contributing indirectly to cut significant energy costs in the long run.

How Much Is Slate Stone?

The average cost of slate countertops ranges from $40 to $75 per square foot, making It considerably cheaper than other natural stones like granite and marble.

Premium Quality Slate Countertops Are Available at Granite Depot

Granite Depot specializes in kitchen countertops. Our Slate Countertops are an excellent choice for your kitchens and bathrooms in order to give them a unique, simple, yet elegant look. A wide range of colors is offered to choose from, to get a perfect countertop matching your renovation requirements.

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